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Volvox carteri
C2H2 Family
Species TF ID Description
Vocar.0003s0383.1.pC2H2 family protein
Vocar.0011s0137.1.pC2H2 family protein
Vocar.0015s0208.1.pC2H2 family protein
Vocar.0019s0075.1.pC2H2 family protein
Vocar.0020s0149.1.pC2H2 family protein
Vocar.0028s0042.1.pC2H2 family protein
C2H2 Family Introduction

Numerous genes encoding the C2H2 zinc-finger domain have been characterized from a wide variety of eukaryotes, including plants. The canonical ZF (zinc finger) sequence (CX2-4CX3FX5LX2HX3-5H) contains two cysteines and two histidines that coordinate a zinc atom, creating a compact nucleic acid-binding domain. The majority of such proteins characterized to date are DNA-binding transcription factors, and many have been shown to play crucial roles in the development of plants, animals and fungi.

Chrispeels HE, Oettinger H, Janvier N, Tague BW.
AtZFP1, encoding Arabidopsis thaliana C2H2 zinc-finger protein 1, is expressed downstream of photomorphogenic activation.
Plant Mol Biol. 2000 Jan;42(2):279-90.
PMID: 10794528