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Triticum aestivum
HSF Family
Species TF ID Description
TRAES3BF002300100CFD_t1HSF family protein
TRAES3BF021000010CFD_t1HSF family protein
TRAES3BF025700020CFD_t1HSF family protein
TRAES3BF025700030CFD_t1HSF family protein
TRAES3BF025700040CFD_t1HSF family protein
TRAES3BF025700050CFD_t1HSF family protein
TRAES3BF029100010CFD_t1HSF family protein
TRAES3BF071100100CFD_t1HSF family protein
Traes_1AL_A4B5C1474.2HSF family protein
Traes_2AL_D3B2C21A7.1HSF family protein
Traes_2AS_53BFA14C7.2HSF family protein
Traes_2AS_5C7B75BC5.1HSF family protein
Traes_2AS_66F050AC7.1HSF family protein
Traes_2BL_33410A32A.1HSF family protein
Traes_2BS_1484A7516.1HSF family protein
Traes_2BS_3B77DC6C3.1HSF family protein
Traes_2BS_ECF9B4EB4.1HSF family protein
Traes_2DL_481253665.1HSF family protein
Traes_2DS_070CE3D50.1HSF family protein
Traes_2DS_B6872CB84.1HSF family protein
Traes_3AL_463ABD4BF.1HSF family protein
Traes_3DL_C5832B670.1HSF family protein
Traes_4AL_ABD465CB6.1HSF family protein
Traes_4AS_02B607421.1HSF family protein
Traes_4AS_52EB860E7.2HSF family protein
Traes_4BL_2E125A702.1HSF family protein
Traes_4BL_5091DE58E.1HSF family protein
Traes_4BL_86572BB6D.1HSF family protein
Traes_4BL_B64C157DC.1HSF family protein
Traes_4BL_F3AB558D4.1HSF family protein
Traes_4BL_F6C3B5069.1HSF family protein
Traes_4DL_66D0047A7.1HSF family protein
Traes_4DL_9A51D1EB2.2HSF family protein
Traes_4DL_EE941086E.1HSF family protein
Traes_4DL_FA07D8414.1HSF family protein
Traes_4DS_A980F512E.4HSF family protein
Traes_5AL_16AD8DEEC.1HSF family protein
Traes_5AL_D369204D3.1HSF family protein
Traes_5BL_8D23DFA4A.1HSF family protein
Traes_5BL_A847CD732.1HSF family protein
Traes_5BL_E15759DAD.1HSF family protein
Traes_5BL_F80E01D65.1HSF family protein
Traes_5BL_FCB1625F3.1HSF family protein
Traes_5DL_431CCA490.1HSF family protein
Traes_5DL_6EB179C88.1HSF family protein
Traes_6AS_1537629B3.1HSF family protein
Traes_6BS_25E162197.1HSF family protein
Traes_6DS_C59B6322F.1HSF family protein
Traes_7AL_6931AA68B.1HSF family protein
Traes_7AS_937121AF8.1HSF family protein
Traes_7BS_03F39ED94.1HSF family protein
Traes_7DL_82722EDAD.2HSF family protein
Traes_7DS_10A9C68FA.1HSF family protein
HSF Family Introduction

Heat stress transcription factors (Hsfs) are the major regulators of the plant heat stress (hs) response. Sequencing of the Arabidopsis genome revealed the existence of 21 open-reading frames (ORFs) encoding putative Hsfs assigned to classes A-C. Here we present results of a functional genomics approach to the Arabidopsis Hsf family focused on the analysis of their C-terminal domains (CTDs) harboring conserved modules for their function as transcription factors and their intracellular localization. Using reporter assays in tobacco protoplasts and yeast as well as glutathione-S-transferase (GST) pull-down assays, we demonstrate that short peptide motifs enriched with aromatic and large hydrophobic amino acid (aa) residues embedded in an acidic surrounding (AHA motifs) are essential for transcriptional activity of class A Hsfs. In contrast to this, class B and C Hsfs lack AHA motifs and have no activator function on their own. We also provide evidence for the function of a leucine (Leu)-rich region centered around a conserved QMGΦL motif at the very C-terminus as a nuclear export signal (NES) of class A Hsfs. Sequence comparison indicates that the combination of a C-terminal AHA motif with the consensus sequence FWxxF/L,F/I/L as well as the adjacent NES represents a signature domain for plant class A Hsfs, which allowed to identify more than 60 new Hsfs from the expressed sequence tag (EST) database.

Kotak S, Port M, Ganguli A, Bicker F, von Koskull-Doring P.
Characterization of C-terminal domains of Arabidopsis heat stress transcription factors (Hsfs) and identification of a new signature combination of plant class A Hsfs with AHA and NES motifs essential for activator function and intracellular localization.
Plant J, 2004. 39(1): p. 98-112.
PMID: 15200645