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Triticum aestivum
E2F/DP Family
Species TF ID Description
TRAES3BF076900030CFD_t1E2F/DP family protein
Traes_1BL_6F280C355.1E2F/DP family protein
Traes_1DL_7FAB00DBB.2E2F/DP family protein
Traes_2AL_8EC530273.1E2F/DP family protein
Traes_2AS_20DD727DC.1E2F/DP family protein
Traes_2BL_1E7B7A8CA.1E2F/DP family protein
Traes_2DL_BD8048C15.1E2F/DP family protein
Traes_2DS_524E9B6A3.1E2F/DP family protein
Traes_3AL_D7DE23839.1E2F/DP family protein
Traes_3DL_1E9DECCEA.1E2F/DP family protein
Traes_4AS_491EF4D7F.1E2F/DP family protein
Traes_4BL_F7A02A7FD.1E2F/DP family protein
Traes_4DL_AE039EE10.1E2F/DP family protein
Traes_5AL_7FFD17EDE.2E2F/DP family protein
Traes_5BL_9F73E599F.1E2F/DP family protein
Traes_5DL_26C867084.2E2F/DP family protein
Traes_6AL_DD0E18465.2E2F/DP family protein
Traes_6AS_9596E4B58.1E2F/DP family protein
Traes_6BL_01A973403.1E2F/DP family protein
Traes_6BL_FDC8BDE8A.1E2F/DP family protein
Traes_6DL_90C72AE92.1E2F/DP family protein
Traes_7AS_D5F5D49CA.2E2F/DP family protein
Traes_7BS_CCA195724.2E2F/DP family protein
Traes_7DS_791693792.1E2F/DP family protein
E2F/DP Family Introduction

E2F transcription factors are a family of proteins that share a related DNA-binding domain and that bind to overlapping sets of target promoters. Most E2F proteins associate with a DP protein and form heterodimeric complexes that bind to DNA in a sequence-specific manner. E2F proteins control the temporal expression of genes that are needed for multiple processes during the cell cycle. Consequently, the level of E2F-dependent transcription is important for cell proliferation.

Different types of E2F complexes either activate or repress transcription. E2F repressor complexes suppress the transcription of their targets in quiescent cells, in differentiated cells and during the G1 phase of the cell cycle. When cells enter the cell cycle and proliferate, these repressors are disrupted and/or replaced by activator forms of E2F that promote gene expression.

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