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Plant Transcription Factor Database
Arabidopsis thaliana
bZIP Family
Species TF ID Description
AT1G03970.1G-box binding factor 4
AT1G06070.1bZIP family protein
AT1G06850.1basic leucine-zipper 52
AT1G06850.2basic leucine-zipper 52
AT1G08320.1bZIP family protein
AT1G08320.2bZIP family protein
AT1G08320.3bZIP family protein
AT1G13600.1basic leucine-zipper 58
AT1G19490.1bZIP family protein
AT1G22070.1TGA1A-related gene 3
AT1G32150.1basic region/leucine zipper transcription factor 68
AT1G42990.1basic region/leucine zipper motif 60
AT1G43700.1VIRE2-interacting protein 1
AT1G45249.1abscisic acid responsive elements-binding factor 2
AT1G45249.2abscisic acid responsive elements-binding factor 2
AT1G45249.3abscisic acid responsive elements-binding factor 2
AT1G49720.1abscisic acid responsive element-binding factor 1
AT1G49720.2abscisic acid responsive element-binding factor 1
AT1G58110.1bZIP family protein
AT1G58110.2bZIP family protein
AT1G59530.1basic leucine-zipper 4
AT1G68640.1bZIP family protein
AT1G68880.1basic leucine-zipper 8
AT1G75390.1basic leucine-zipper 44
AT1G75390.2basic leucine-zipper 44
AT1G77920.1bZIP family protein
AT2G04038.1basic leucine-zipper 48
AT2G12900.1bZIP family protein
AT2G12940.1bZIP family protein
AT2G13150.1bZIP family protein
AT2G16770.1bZIP family protein
AT2G17770.1basic region/leucine zipper motif 27
AT2G17770.2basic region/leucine zipper motif 27
AT2G18160.1basic leucine-zipper 2
AT2G21230.1bZIP family protein
AT2G21230.2bZIP family protein
AT2G21230.3bZIP family protein
AT2G22850.1basic leucine-zipper 6
AT2G22850.2basic leucine-zipper 6
AT2G31370.1bZIP family protein
AT2G31370.2bZIP family protein
AT2G31370.3bZIP family protein
AT2G31370.4bZIP family protein
AT2G31370.5bZIP family protein
AT2G31370.6bZIP family protein
AT2G35530.1basic region/leucine zipper transcription factor 16
AT2G36270.1bZIP family protein
AT2G40620.1bZIP family protein
AT2G40950.1bZIP family protein
AT2G41070.1bZIP family protein
AT2G41070.2bZIP family protein
AT2G41070.3bZIP family protein
AT2G42380.1bZIP family protein
AT2G42380.2bZIP family protein
AT2G46270.1G-box binding factor 3
AT2G46270.2G-box binding factor 3
AT3G10800.1bZIP family protein
AT3G12250.1TGACG motif-binding factor 6
AT3G12250.2TGACG motif-binding factor 6
AT3G12250.3TGACG motif-binding factor 6
AT3G12250.4TGACG motif-binding factor 6
AT3G12250.5TGACG motif-binding factor 6
AT3G19290.1ABRE binding factor 4
AT3G19290.2ABRE binding factor 4
AT3G19290.3ABRE binding factor 4
AT3G30530.1basic leucine-zipper 42
AT3G44460.1bZIP family protein
AT3G49760.1basic leucine-zipper 5
AT3G51960.1basic leucine zipper 24
AT3G51960.2basic leucine zipper 24
AT3G54620.1basic leucine zipper 25
AT3G54620.2basic leucine zipper 25
AT3G54620.3basic leucine zipper 25
AT3G56660.1basic region/leucine zipper motif protein 49
AT3G56850.1ABA-responsive element binding protein 3
AT3G58120.1bZIP family protein
AT3G62420.1basic region/leucine zipper motif 53
AT4G01120.1G-box binding factor 2
AT4G02640.1bZIP family protein
AT4G02640.2bZIP family protein
AT4G34000.1abscisic acid responsive elements-binding factor 3
AT4G34000.2abscisic acid responsive elements-binding factor 3
AT4G34000.3abscisic acid responsive elements-binding factor 3
AT4G34590.1G-box binding factor 6
AT4G35040.1bZIP family protein
AT4G35900.1bZIP family protein
AT4G36730.1G-box binding factor 1
AT4G36730.2G-box binding factor 1
AT4G37730.1basic leucine-zipper 7
AT4G38900.1bZIP family protein
AT4G38900.2bZIP family protein
AT4G38900.3bZIP family protein
AT5G06839.1bZIP family protein
AT5G06839.2bZIP family protein
AT5G06839.3bZIP family protein
AT5G06950.1bZIP family protein
AT5G06950.2bZIP family protein
AT5G06950.3bZIP family protein
AT5G06950.4bZIP family protein
AT5G06960.1OCS-element binding factor 5
AT5G06960.2OCS-element binding factor 5
AT5G07160.1bZIP family protein
AT5G08141.1basic leucine-zipper 75
AT5G10030.1TGACG motif-binding factor 4
AT5G10030.2TGACG motif-binding factor 4
AT5G11260.1bZIP family protein
AT5G15830.1basic leucine-zipper 3
AT5G24800.1basic leucine zipper 9
AT5G28770.1bZIP family protein
AT5G28770.2bZIP family protein
AT5G28770.3bZIP family protein
AT5G38800.1basic leucine-zipper 43
AT5G42910.1bZIP family protein
AT5G44080.1bZIP family protein
AT5G49450.1basic leucine-zipper 1
AT5G60830.1basic leucine-zipper 70
AT5G65210.1bZIP family protein
AT5G65210.2bZIP family protein
AT5G65210.3bZIP family protein
AT5G65210.4bZIP family protein
AT5G65210.5bZIP family protein
AT5G65210.6bZIP family protein
bZIP Family Introduction

The bZIP domain consists of two structural features located on a contiguous alpha-helix: first, a basic region of ~ 16 amino acid residues containing a nuclear localization signal followed by an invariant N-x7-R/K motif that contacts the DNA; and, second, a heptad repeat of leucines or other bulky hydrophobic amino acids positioned exactly nine amino acids towards the C-terminus, creating an amphipathic helix. To bind DNA, two subunits adhere via interactions between the hydrophobic sides of their helices, which creates a superimposing coiled-coil structure. The ability to form homo- and heterodimers is influenced by the electrostatic attraction and repulsion of polar residues flanking the hydrophobic interaction surface of the helices.

Plant bZIP proteins preferentially bind to DNA sequences with an ACGT core. Binding specificity is regulated by flanking nucleotides. Plant bZIPs preferentially bind to the A-box (TACGTA), C-box (GACGTC) and G-box (CACGTG), but there are also examples of nonpalindromic binding sites.

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