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NZZ/SPL Family Introduction

The "floral organ-building" gene SPOROCYTELESS/NOZZLE (SPL/NZZ) plays a central role in regulating anther cell differentiation. However, much less is known about how "floral organ identity" and floral organ-building genes interact to control floral organ development. In this study, we report that ectopic expression of SPL/NZZ not only affects flower development in the wild-type background but also leads to the transformation of petal-like organs into stamen-like organs in flowers of ap2-1, a weak ap2 mutant allele. Moreover, our loss-of-function analysis indicates that the spl/nzz mutant enhances the phenotype of the ag weak allele ag-4. Furthermore, ectopic expression and overexpression of SPL/NZZ altered expression of AG, SEP3, and AP2 in rosette leaves and flowers, while ectopic expression of SPL/NZZ resulted in ectopic expression of AG and SEP3 in the outer whorls of flowers. Our results indicate that the SPL/NZZ gene is engaged in controlling stamen identity via interacting with genes required for stamen identity in Arabidopsis.

Liu X, Huang J, Parameswaran S, Ito T, Seubert B, Auer M, Rymaszewski A, Jia G, Owen HA, Zhao D.
The SPOROCYTELESS/NOZZLE gene is involved in controlling stamen identity in Arabidopsis.
Plant Physiol, 2009. 151(3): p. 1401-11.
PMID: 19726570