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Triticum dicoccoides
VOZ Family
Species TF ID Description
TRIDC1AG049810.1VOZ family protein
TRIDC1AG049810.2VOZ family protein
TRIDC1AG049810.3VOZ family protein
TRIDC1AG049810.4VOZ family protein
TRIDC1AG049810.5VOZ family protein
TRIDC1AG049810.6VOZ family protein
TRIDC1BG020970.1VOZ family protein
TRIDC1BG020970.2VOZ family protein
TRIDC1BG056660.1VOZ family protein
TRIDC1BG056660.2VOZ family protein
TRIDC1BG056660.3VOZ family protein
TRIDC1BG056660.4VOZ family protein
TRIDC1BG056660.5VOZ family protein
TRIDC1BG056660.6VOZ family protein
TRIDC3AG043090.1VOZ family protein
TRIDC3AG043090.2VOZ family protein
TRIDC3AG043090.3VOZ family protein
TRIDC3AG043090.4VOZ family protein
TRIDC3AG043090.5VOZ family protein
TRIDC3AG043090.6VOZ family protein
TRIDC3BG049040.1VOZ family protein
TRIDC3BG049040.2VOZ family protein
TRIDC3BG049040.3VOZ family protein
TRIDC3BG049040.4VOZ family protein
TRIDC3BG049040.5VOZ family protein
TRIDC3BG049040.6VOZ family protein
TRIDC3BG049040.7VOZ family protein
TRIDC3BG049040.8VOZ family protein
VOZ Family Introduction

A 38-bp pollen-specific cis-acting region of the AVP1 gene is involved in the expression of the Arabidopsis thaliana V-PPase during pollen development. Here, we report the isolation and structural characterization of AtVOZ1 and AtVOZ2, novel transcription factors that bind to the 38-bp cis-acting region of A. thaliana V-PPase gene, AVP1. AtVOZ1 and AtVOZ2 show 53% amino acid sequence similarity. Homologs of AtVOZ1 and AtVOZ2 are found in various vascular plants as well as a moss, Physcomitrella patens. Promoter-beta-glucuronidase reporter analysis shows that AtVOZ1 is specifically expressed in the phloem tissue and AtVOZ2 is strongly expressed in the root. In vivo transient effector-reporter analysis in A. thaliana suspension-cultured cells demonstrates that AtVOZ1 and AtVOZ2 function as transcriptional activators in the Arabidopsis cell. Two conserved regions termed Domain-A and Domain-B were identified from an alignment of AtVOZ proteins and their homologs of O. sativa and P. patens. AtVOZ2 binds as a dimer to the specific palindromic sequence, GCGTNx7ACGC, with Domain-B, which is comprised of a functional novel zinc coordinating motif and a conserved basic region. Domain-B is shown to function as both the DNA-binding and the dimerization domains of AtVOZ2. From highly the conservative nature among all identified VOZ proteins, we conclude that Domain-B is responsible for the DNA binding and dimerization of all VOZ-family proteins and designate it as the VOZ-domain.

Mitsuda N, Hisabori T, Takeyasu K, Sato MH.
Isolation and Characterization of Novel Vascular Plant Transcription Factors with a One-Zinc Finger from Arabidopsis thaliana.
Plant Cell Physiol. 2004 Jul;45(7):845-54.
PMID: 15295067