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Cicer arietinum
GATA Family
Species TF ID Description
XP_004487098.1GATA family protein
XP_004490456.1GATA family protein
XP_004493146.1GATA family protein
XP_004494549.1GATA family protein
XP_004496271.1GATA family protein
XP_004496272.1GATA family protein
XP_004498462.1GATA family protein
XP_004498890.1GATA family protein
XP_004500773.1GATA family protein
XP_004501147.1GATA family protein
XP_004501661.1GATA family protein
XP_004501662.1GATA family protein
XP_004504176.1GATA family protein
XP_004504192.1GATA family protein
XP_004504860.1GATA family protein
XP_004506013.1GATA family protein
XP_004507018.1GATA family protein
XP_004507504.1GATA family protein
XP_004507505.1GATA family protein
XP_004507931.1GATA family protein
XP_004508168.1GATA family protein
XP_004508957.1GATA family protein
XP_004509265.1GATA family protein
XP_004509331.1GATA family protein
XP_004510295.1GATA family protein
XP_004511735.1GATA family protein
XP_004512046.1GATA family protein
XP_004512096.1GATA family protein
XP_004517300.1GATA family protein
XP_012569576.1GATA family protein
XP_012570064.1GATA family protein
XP_012573244.1GATA family protein
XP_012574399.1GATA family protein
GATA Family Introduction

GATA factors were first identified as proteins that interact with conserved WGATAR (W = T or A; R = G or A) motifs involved in erythroid-specific gene expressionin vertebrates.

GATA factors are characterised by the presence of conserved, type-IV zinc-finger motifs Animal factors typically contain two C-x2-Cx17-C-x2-C zinc-finger domains. The majority of known fungal GATA factors contain a single C-x2-C-x17-C-x2-C finger with greatest similarity to the carboxyl (C) terminal finger of animal GATA factors.Several examples of fungal GATA factors containing a variant C-x2-C-x18-C-x2-C DNA-binding domain are also known.

Examples of both C-x2-C-x17-Cx2-C (Type IVa) and C-x2-C-x18-C-x2-C (Type IVb) GATA factors are found within fungi; animals onlycontain the former configuration, and plants only the latter. Plant GATA factors typically contain a single zinc finger. The Arabidopsis type-IV zinc-finger proteins may represent the previously defined family of nuclear GATA-binding proteins implicated in light-responsive transcription.

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