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Beta vulgaris
Trihelix Family
Species TF ID Description
Bv1_011500_cydk.t1Trihelix family protein
Bv2_023450_ijoy.t1Trihelix family protein
Bv2_023450_ijoy.t2Trihelix family protein
Bv2_035290_xyxs.t1Trihelix family protein
Bv2_041790_ncxt.t1Trihelix family protein
Bv3_067330_geyj.t1Trihelix family protein
Bv4_072390_ztzm.t1Trihelix family protein
Bv4_083670_hjqh.t1Trihelix family protein
Bv5_102770_jswm.t1Trihelix family protein
Bv5_105300_swfp.t1Trihelix family protein
Bv5_108320_uwng.t1Trihelix family protein
Bv5_110480_qpat.t1Trihelix family protein
Bv6_133250_ytyg.t1Trihelix family protein
Bv6_149680_mgka.t1Trihelix family protein
Bv6_151580_dcqi.t1Trihelix family protein
Bv7_160140_ozqs.t1Trihelix family protein
Bv7_160650_nqci.t1Trihelix family protein
Bv7_160700_mwox.t1Trihelix family protein
Bv7_167620_hhcm.t1Trihelix family protein
Bv7_169560_fstc.t1Trihelix family protein
Bv7_170120_ospm.t1Trihelix family protein
Bv7_180330_mfaa.t1Trihelix family protein
Bv8_180890_fhyg.t1Trihelix family protein
Bv8_184380_zguo.t1Trihelix family protein
Bv8_188430_iqnu.t1Trihelix family protein
Bv8_188430_iqnu.t2Trihelix family protein
Bv8_196060_hado.t1Trihelix family protein
Bv9_209790_gwcy.t1Trihelix family protein
Bv9_218180_mcmt.t1Trihelix family protein
Bv9_220620_iazt.t1Trihelix family protein
Trihelix Family Introduction

GT factors constitute a plant-specific transcription factor family with a DNA-binding domain that binds GT elements. The DNA-binding domain of GT factor, rich in basic and acidic amino acids and proline and glutamine residues, features a typical trihelix (helix-loop-helix-loop-helix) structure that determines the specific binding of GT elements; thus GT factors are also called trihelix transcription factors. GT elements are highly degenerate cis-elements with A/T-rich core sequences (Villain et al. 1996; Wang et al. 2004). Interaction between GT factors and GT elements has been implicated in the complex transcriptional regulation of many plant genes (Liu et al. 1999;Zhou 1999).

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Systematic analysis of GT factor family of rice reveals a novel subfamily involved in stress responses.
Mol Genet Genomics, 2010. 283(2): p. 157-69.
PMID: 20039179