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Arabidopsis thaliana
MYB_related Family
Species TF ID Description
AT1G01060.1MYB_related family protein
AT1G01060.2MYB_related family protein
AT1G01060.3MYB_related family protein
AT1G01060.4MYB_related family protein
AT1G01380.1MYB_related family protein
AT1G01520.1MYB_related family protein
AT1G06910.1TRF-like 7
AT1G07540.1TRF-like 2
AT1G08810.2myb domain protein 60
AT1G09710.1MYB_related family protein
AT1G09710.2MYB_related family protein
AT1G15720.1TRF-like 5
AT1G17460.1TRF-like 3
AT1G17460.2TRF-like 3
AT1G17520.1MYB_related family protein
AT1G18330.1MYB_related family protein
AT1G18330.2MYB_related family protein
AT1G18960.1MYB_related family protein
AT1G19000.1MYB_related family protein
AT1G19000.2MYB_related family protein
AT1G19510.1RAD-like 5
AT1G49950.1telomere repeat binding factor 1
AT1G49950.2telomere repeat binding factor 1
AT1G49950.3telomere repeat binding factor 1
AT1G58220.1MYB_related family protein
AT1G70000.1MYB_related family protein
AT1G70000.2MYB_related family protein
AT1G71030.1MYB-like 2
AT1G72650.1TRF-like 6
AT1G72650.2TRF-like 6
AT1G72740.1MYB_related family protein
AT1G72740.2MYB_related family protein
AT1G74840.1MYB_related family protein
AT1G74840.2MYB_related family protein
AT1G75250.1RAD-like 6
AT1G75250.2RAD-like 6
AT2G13960.1MYB_related family protein
AT2G13960.2MYB_related family protein
AT2G18328.1RAD-like 4
AT2G30420.1MYB_related family protein
AT2G30424.1MYB_related family protein
AT2G30432.1MYB_related family protein
AT2G36960.1TSL-kinase interacting protein 1
AT2G36960.2TSL-kinase interacting protein 1
AT2G36960.3TSL-kinase interacting protein 1
AT2G42150.1DNA-binding bromodomain-containing protein
AT2G44430.1DNA-binding bromodomain-containing protein
AT2G46410.1MYB_related family protein
AT2G46830.1circadian clock associated 1
AT2G47210.1MYB_related family protein
AT3G09600.1MYB_related family protein
AT3G09600.2MYB_related family protein
AT3G10113.1MYB_related family protein
AT3G10580.1MYB_related family protein
AT3G10580.2MYB_related family protein
AT3G10590.1MYB_related family protein
AT3G16350.1MYB_related family protein
AT3G21430.2DNA binding
AT3G23250.2myb domain protein 15
AT3G46130.2myb domain protein 48
AT3G46130.3myb domain protein 48
AT3G46130.4myb domain protein 48
AT3G49850.1telomere repeat binding factor 3
AT3G53790.1TRF-like 4
AT3G57980.1DNA-binding bromodomain-containing protein
AT3G60110.1DNA-binding bromodomain-containing protein
AT4G01060.1CAPRICE-like MYB3
AT4G01060.2CAPRICE-like MYB3
AT4G01060.3CAPRICE-like MYB3
AT4G01280.1MYB_related family protein
AT4G01280.2MYB_related family protein
AT4G09450.1MYB_related family protein
AT4G36570.1RAD-like 3
AT4G39160.1MYB_related family protein
AT4G39160.2MYB_related family protein
AT4G39250.1RAD-like 1
AT5G02840.1LHY/CCA1-like 1
AT5G02840.2LHY/CCA1-like 1
AT5G02840.3LHY/CCA1-like 1
AT5G17300.1MYB_related family protein
AT5G37260.1MYB_related family protein
AT5G41020.1MYB_related family protein
AT5G45420.1MYB_related family protein
AT5G47390.1MYB_related family protein
AT5G52660.1MYB_related family protein
AT5G52660.2MYB_related family protein
AT5G53200.1MYB_related family protein
AT5G56840.1MYB_related family protein
AT5G58340.1MYB_related family protein
AT5G58340.2MYB_related family protein
AT5G58900.1Homeodomain-like transcriptional regulator
AT5G59780.1myb domain protein 59
AT5G59780.2myb domain protein 59
AT5G61420.1myb domain protein 28
AT5G61620.1MYB_related family protein
AT5G67580.1MYB_related family protein
AT5G67580.2MYB_related family protein
MYB_related Family Introduction

A novel myb-like gene (AtmybL2) was isolated from an Arabidopsis thaliana cDNA library. The single copy gene was localised on chromosome I. A gene specific transcript is preferentially found in leaves. The predicted gene product consists of a conservative N-terminal myb-domain known to be involved in DNA-binding and a unique proline-rich C-terminal part. Remarkably, the myb-domain includes only one of the typical two or three tryptophan repeats found in other myb-like proteins.

Kirik V, Baumlein H.
A novel leaf-specific myb-related protein with a single binding repeat
Gene. 1996 Dec 12;183(1-2):109-13.
PMID: 8996094